A Thankful Heart

During this time of year, more than any other time, our hearts and minds turn to the things we are thankful for. I wish people would do it all year long. A past business coach of mine, Linda McLean, encourages her clients to start each day naming ten things they are grateful for before their [...]

Idaho Book Extravaganza

Tomorrow begins the Idaho Book Extravaganza at the Boise Centre on the Grove. It will run October 28 from 11am to 5:30pm and October 29 from 9am to 4pm. There will be lots of fabulous workshops available, like "The eBook Revolution", "The New Publishing Paradigm", "Writing and Publishing Mystery", and "30 Ways to Make Big [...]

Are You Thinking About Becoming an Author?

For all of you who would love to be a published author and are considering going the self-publishing route, I came across a really good blog article you might want to check out: http://reviews.cnet.com/self-publishing/ There is so much good information out there for new writers trying to break into the publishing world. The chances of [...]