Just Released ~ The Lake House Secret

The first book in the new Jenessa Jones Mystery series has just been released on Amazon.com! With her life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a death in her family. When human remains are discovered not far from town, Jenessa is assigned the story, throwing [...]

The Betrayal of Lies, Book 5, is Out!

Book 5 of the Paradise Valley Mystery series is out now and available exclusively on Amazon.com. So many people have been asking about the next book in this captivating and face-paced romantic suspense series, so here it is! The romance between Emily and Colin is heating up but wedding plans are put on hold when [...]

8 Sentence Sunday Excerpt from THE CHAIN OF LIES

Murder is hard to get over. Excerpt from THE CHAIN OF LIES, a Paradise Valley Mystery: Book Three. When a young Asian woman is found floating in the river, Emily Parker is hot on the case. It’s her husband’s murder that leaves her with a case of the chills. A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book [...]

8-Sentence Sunday – Excerpt from THE HEART OF LIES

Online dating can be murder. Excerpt from THE HEART OF LIES, a Paradise Valley Mystery: Book Two When lovely and trusting Maggie falls for a man she met on a dating site, her friends begin to suspect his motives are less than honorable--in fact, they just might be downright deadly. EXCERPT: The unsuspecting young brunette [...]

Excerpt from The Scent of Lies

“Babe, it’s time to get up,” Emily Parker muttered sweetly, sleepily stretching her arm out to her husband’s side of the bed, searching for his warmth. At the sensation of the crisply cold sheets, her hand recoiled. Flipping back the covers, she sat up and shook her head. After all this time, she still caught [...]

Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Welcome to this blog hop. What is a blog hop? Basically, it’s a way that readers can discover new authors, because with bookstores closing and publishers not promoting new authors as much, we need to find a way to introduce readers to authors they may not see in their local bookstore. Here you have the [...]

Beach Book Blast New Fall Release – Nov. 25-26

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the WG2E Street Team’s latest event. Nine of our fabulous authors have new releases and we’d love to have you celebrate with us. We're showcasing our new books at the Beach Book Blast website and at our sister site at the RG2E. We've got something [...]