Online dating can be murder. Excerpt from THE HEART OF LIES, a Paradise Valley Mystery: Book Two

When lovely and trusting Maggie falls for a man she met on a dating site, her friends begin to suspect his motives are less than honorable–in fact, they just might be downright deadly.


The unsuspecting young brunette approached the doorway of the dimly-lit private office. She jerked to a halt, catching sight of the man sprawled on the floor next to his desk, his body motionless, his face bloody and battered. Her hand flew over her mouth and her other seized hold of the door frame for support, feeling her knees begin to give out.

A plethora of painful emotions roiled in her chest as she stared, eyes wide, fighting to stuff down the overwhelming urge to scream, fearing the attacker may still be within earshot.

Hot tears stung her eyes and her heart thudded loudly in her ears. She fought against the powerful desire to run into the office, to fling herself down and put her arms around him. Under different circumstances, she would have caressed him one last time and kissed him a final good-bye—but not now. Nearly choking on the knot in her throat, she whispered a raspy and tearful good-bye.

I hope you enjoyed that excerpt from The Heart of Lies, a Paradise Valley Mystery: Book Two. There are 4 books in the series and each one can be read as a stand-alone novel. However, for maximum enjoyment, it is best to read them in order.

Happy reading!

Debra Burroughs