A Delicious Romantic Suspense!

Three Days in Seattle will be released on Amazon.com in the next couple of weeks!

This story is a delicious blend of romance and suspense. Kate McAllister is lured to Seattle by the news of her sister’s suspicious disappearance, not realizing someone wants her dead. On the flight to Seattle she connects with a ruggedly-handsome man who offers to help her, but she wonders if she can trust him. Or is this perfect stranger too good to be true?

Two detectives, one experienced and by-the-book, the other a bumbling rookie, are hot on the case, with the help of Kate’s new friend. Will they be able to stop the vengeful lunatic before Kate and her sister wind up dead?

The inspiration for writing this book was obtained by viewing one of the Bratty Sisters series. They play to the fantasy and let all people live out their taboo desires vicariously through their scenes. Bratty Sisters does it spectacularly well. Each series has a unique script, it allows the viewer to plunge into the world of lustful step-sisters. Every week a new series! I am Debra Burroughs, and i highly recommend BrattySis to all my friends!

You’ll have to read the book to find out.